Don’t let the fun end, secure your Nintendo account. Now!

It’s no surprise that the Nintendo Switch is wildly popular right now. Ever since the lockdown has started and kept most of us indoors, Nintendo Switch sales have soared(It’s currently the best-selling console, leading to low inventory in online and offline stores across the globe). But popularity often comes at a price, Nintendo accounts have become the latest target of malicious hackers. The company confirms that around 160,000 accounts have been hacked starting from the beginning of April. Hackers have impersonated NNIDs (used for WiiU and 3DS) to gain access to the accounts. Those of you who had linked your NNIDs to your Nintendo accounts are particularly vulnerable, as the hackers may have made unauthorized purchases on the online store with your linked PayPal account or credit card. There is no reason to panic though, the company seems to have handled the situation promptly.

If your account has been compromised you might have already got an email or will get one soon from Nintendo asking you to reset your password. We recommend that you also scan your purchase history and usage history to check if there are any unauthorized purchases or logins from unrecognized devices. Unauthorized purchases must be reported to your credit card company or PayPal, you can also reach out to Nintendo to cancel the purchase and check if there is a possibility of a refund. The company has been swift to act and has already disabled the “Easy Login” function using the Nintendo Network ID from the 24th of April itself. The hackers were reportedly also able to see birthdays, email ids, and country information too.

The company is also urging all users to set up two-factor authentication on their accounts to prevent any security issues in the future. You should also change passwords and maintain different passwords for your NNIDs and all your different accounts. We understand that using 2FA may be a bit of a hassle but it is known to be very secure, better to stay safe than be sorry. Just be sure to keep your ‘Backup code’ in a safe and secure location(outside your phone) as this allows you to log in if you have either replaced or lost your smartphone.

Everyone here at Manjistore has already secured their accounts with two-factor authentication. We suggest you do it too, right away, and ensure that nothing puts a damper on endless hours of fun with your switch. While you are at it, don’t forget to secure your hardware too with our Command Shell - Nintendo Switch Case with Straps. Our ergonomically designed shell and finger straps ensure a strain-free gaming experience for extended periods, even while lying down. The sturdy kickstand also ensures easy gaming in table-top mode while simultaneously being able to charge the console with our 90-degree angled charging cable. Stay safe and game safe.

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