Manji Command Shell helping with the COVID-19 Lockdown

Let's face it, Nintendo Switch has become our new best friend during these times. Playing on the bed while laying down has been the latest call to save the planet. But, there is one fear of the switch falling flat on the face while playing. No grip out in the market helps with this. Hence, Manji Command Shell - Nintendo Switch Case with Straps has become the perfect partner for the Nintendo Switch. It very natural to feel a sense of insecure grip and the Command Shell solves this, it gives the feeling of a secure and robust grip.

Just slide your fingers into the adjustable finger straps on this Nintendo Switch Case and you can forget about holding the device. This helps you concentrate on your game better and leave the gripping to the case. With clear cut openings for all the buttons including the trigger buttons, there is no interference with your gameplay. The openings for the card slot and volume buttons are pretty big and you will have no problem using them. 

One of the biggest advantages of this Nintendo Switch Case with Straps is the easy detachment of the Joy-Cons along with the case. It is no hiding fact that the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons are small to grip for a normal-sized hand. The Command Shell adds bulk to the Joy-Cons which makes it easier to grip. It is much earlier now to compete with your partner while staying indoors during the quarantine period. With specialized rubber coating, the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con case not only gives protection from a fall, but it also feels great to hold them. 


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