The Nintendo Switch shortage and ways around it

As you may have already heard, the Nintendo Switch is really hard to buy at the retail price of around $300 right now. The worldwide inventory of the Switch console has been running low for a while now. With reasons ranging from the shortage of components due to the lockdown in countries like Malaysia and the Philippines, to the release of the newest Animal Crossing title in March which boosted sales. The console remains sold out in most of the online stores like Best Buy and Gamestop, mostly because they get sold out within minutes of a re-stock. Much of the hate for this is directed at price gougers but also at a 16-year-old teen from Virginia.

 The teen, Nate is the creator of Bird Bot an auto-checkout bot for the Nintendo switch that lets you ( and resellers, unfortunately) snap up the console as soon as it is available on online stores. Nate says that he only used it to buy one Switch and then passed it on to his friend, the tool later ended up on GitHub after which he received a lot of attention. If you’re one of the people frustrated with how quickly the console is being sold out after being re-stocked(I know I am), you can try your luck (at your own risk) with the tool which currently supports BestBuy and Walmart.

 Over at Amazon, the situation is very different. Although the console is relatively easy to find, the prices are more than twice the standard retail price of $300. This is because of the third-party resellers on the platform who are allowed to set their own prices. Amazon vowed to put an end to the price gouging and it was successful, albeit for a short period. Price gougers have now found ingenious ways to escape the company’s efforts, including listing the console under slightly different names. All this makes getting a pre-owned Switch a good option. You can check some of them out at Gamestop and even Nintendo’s own refurbished store.

There may be a lot of reasons for the popularity of the Switch console and the shortage. But here at ManjiStore, we think the biggest reason is that the games on the switch are just so damn fun and easy to play. With a range of first-party titles from Nintendo and an equally impressive range of Indie titles, there is no shortage of feel-good games to play during the quarantine. Sure, the PlayStation and the Xbox may have more horsepower resulting in better graphics, but the games typically have a steep learning curve and are for hard-core gamers. Some of the titles on the Switch, like the “Super Mario Party” are super-easy and fun to play. Throw in the local multiplayer feature to the mix and it’s sure to get the entire family involved in the fun. If you are one of the “new gamers” who has picked up a Switch during the quarantine, be sure to protect your device with the Manji Command Case - Nintendo Switch Case with Straps. Our case is ergonomically designed to allow comfortable playing for long hours.

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