The Manji Journey

I was on holiday in the USA during Thanksgiving of 2018 when I first came across the Nintendo Switch. I instantly fell in love with it. I soon realised that the Switch had a few shortcomings. Ergonomics and durability being the biggest. Like many others, I felt that the loycons were small for an average sized hand and the kickstand was not of good quality as well.

Being an avid gamer and an engineer, I figured I could definitely build a better solution. 

Armed with an idea and some amazon packaging, I set out to design the perfect Nintendo Switch case. 

With some help from one of the designers behind the Tesla Model 3, I was able to narrow down the features and design. After testing over 15 samples from various manufacturers in China, I settled on one.

With these prototypes in hand, I headed off to GamesCom in Germany to interact with gamers, investors, and distributors.

Having gotten feedback from gamers and distributors, I set out on my first crowdfunding campaign and successfully completed it.

Having successfully delivered cases to more than 3000 happy customers, with less than 1% dissatisfaction and returns, I think we have built the best Nintendo Switch Case out there!